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As casinos in Japan is not legally allowed, the game field, pachinko (small ball) shops, and other recreation facilities are placed in the pachinko (small ball), slot machines.

Pachinko (small ball) is a unique Japanese games, and slot machines are more gameplay than pachinko (small ball).

All the machines are made in Japan. In order to make people better enjoy the game, the game rule is precisely designed and produced. The machine is quite strong, and not easily damaged by striking.

These Pachinko (small ball), slot machines are available in second hand markets. The machine could be easily used at home as long as the replacement of ordinary power supply (100V). The average price of used machine is around 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen.

In recent years, there’re more and more animation and movie idol binding machines which including world famous Japanese animation. So the collectors are increasing.

Play Rule of Pachinko (small ball)

Pachinko (small ball) machine is played through small ball. The play rule is to let the ball fall into place of start chucker. The picture cards (numbers) in LCD screen will begin rolling, When the rolling stop, the player will win the prize once the picture cards (numbers) line up. The tokens will be retreated from the machine.

Play Rule of Slot machines

Slot machine is using tokens to play the machine. The play rule is to put the tokens into the machine. After pressing the slot, the machine will begin rolling the spool. When the spool stops, the player will win the prize once the FIG cards(numbers) line up. The tokens will be retreated from the machine.

Popular pachinko (small ball), slot machines

  • AKB


  • eva


  • fuyunosonata


  • garo


  • rupin


  • higurashi


  • hokuto


  • macross2

    macross frontier

  • madmagi


  • monhan


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